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Horoscope is a mode of ancient astrology, which is made while keeping in mind a date, time and place of the birth of a person. This data is then analysed by expert astrologers who, with the help of this data, predict about the various events that will occur in your future. Where daily horoscope predicts about the everyday events, the Weekly horoscope includes all the prediction made for a complete week. These predictions are related to various aspects of life including career, marriage, relationships, success, health, wealth and more. According to Vedic or Indian Astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs, which play a significant role in predicting the future of a person.
Humans have been very curious and wanted to know everything in advance. Since inception, we have tried various methods through which we can understand the mysterious forces of the universe and predict our future. This unending quest of humans gave birth to Astrology. Astrology can be defined by zodiac signs, houses and nakshatras. There is total of 12 zodiac signs, which play a vital role in Astrology and future predictions. According to the position of these signs in different houses in a horoscope, a weekly horoscope is predicted. Every zodiac sign has different attributes and nature. They have their own characteristics and preferences. This is why; the events occurring in one zodiac sign are totally different from the events of other zodiac sign. At, we try to provide accurate predictions based on the several astronomical calculations of your natal chart. A wide range of renowned and expert astrologers is a part of astrologer24x7 team. Some of our renowned astrologers include Abhishek Soni. work on different forms of astrology and predict your future. Various forms of astrology that are used in daily life are Astrology and Numerology. In the end, if you want to know what is in store for you in the coming week – Check your weekly prediction and plan your week better!

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