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Saturn Transit In 2020: How Will Saturn Effect On Your Zodiac Sign?

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Saturn Transit In 2020: How Will Saturn Effect On Your Zodiac Sign?

Shani Transit In 2020

Lord Saturn or Shani Dev, the magistrate of Prithvilok, On 24th January 2020, Shani Dev will enter his own zodiac sign in Capricorn. Astrological analysis of how all 12 zodiac signs will be effected on the way.

In such a situation, know from Astrologer Abhishek Soni, what will change in the year 2020 by Saturn?


Aries – Saturn retrograde in luck will accelerate the relaxation in the field of work. Stalled works in government departments will be disposed of at a rapid pace. You will get the full enjoyment of trips abroad.


Taurus – For those of the Taurus zodiac, the eighth will bring some reduction in the auspiciousness of Saturn. Therefore, the adverse effect on health will be less. However, keep good relations with your high officials in the field of work.


Gemini – For the Gemini zodiac, Saturn Saturn will fulfil the obligation of marriage and marriage, but will also make the possibility of doing something better in the field of business. Avoid shared trade during this period.


Cancer – Saturn’s going to be in the enemy house of Cancer sign will liberate you from debt, disease and enemies. But in terms of health, take special care of parents. Keep your action plans a secret. Avoid enemies.


Leo – Saturn’s passing in the fifth house will raise a little bit of concern about children. But education will give comparatively better advantage in competition. Control your emotions during this period. Avoid overconfidence.


Virgo – For those who are in Virgo, the passage of Saturn will give mixed results. There will be mental problems, but there will also be the sum of the purchase of house and vehicle. Save from theft of goods. Travel carefully.


Libra– For people of Libra zodiac sign, Shani Dev will be extremely auspicious. Your decision and actions taken by you will be appreciated but do not let family differences arise.


Scorpio– Margi Saturn will create the sum of accidental wealth for the Scorpio zodiac, but domestic problems will affect mental balance. So be careful and keep the final decision confidential.


Sagittarius – Margi Saturn will give better results for Sagittarius people. Your influence will increase, if you want to do any work in the major establishments of the central or state government, the result will be better.


Capricorn– For Capricorn people, Saturn in the twelfth house can bring more expenses and some problems due to the runaway. It would be better to avoid the wasted rush and high expenses so as not to face financial constraints.


Aquarius– For Aquarius people, the way of Saturn will give good benefits in the field of work business, but there will be estrangement from older brothers. Do not let it grow, it will be better if we solve the court cases among themselves.


Pisces – For those of Pisces zodiac sign, Saturn can be kept away from parents. There may also be some mutual disputes which will increase mental anguish but do not get frustrated, time will be better in terms of work.

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